Outstanding performance/risk

Our algorithms have been performing for 5 years in a row with no competition in the Foreign Exchange trading markets


Month by month consistent profits since 2015, beating the maket average. Second to none trading algorithms. No hedging, no martingale, no naïve solutions. Reward come to those who work hard, and we surely worked hard so you don't have to.

Risk Management

When others overlook risk management mechanisms, our algorithms put drawdown at the cornerstone of the system. Is not only about winning, but also about protection.

Underlying Maths

There is a huge amount of mathematical thinking on our quantitative trading algorithms, from Reinforcement Learning to differential equations and non-linear algebra. We take care of all the number crunching for you.


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How to start trading?

Start trading the smart way with our AI trading algorithms. Follow these simple steps or contact us.
1. Registration

1. Registration

Open an account

Click on any of the two partnered brokers above (IronFX or IC Markets), register for a trading account and deposit a minimum of $4,000. If you need help during the process, you can contact us here.

2. Request PAMM

2. Request PAMM

Sign Power of Attorney

To copy our trades into your account, you request the broker that you want to get our managed services (using a mechanism called PAMM). The broker will send you a POA that you must sign. If in doubt, contact us here.

3. Well, just relax!

3. Well, just relax!

We start trading

At this point you can just relax and monitor your account in real-time whenever you want from home. If you want to stop the service, partial withdraw, add deposit, or temporarily stop trading, you can do it just immediately.

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Join Coinbase now and start trading Cryptocurrencies the smart way!

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